Pretty Plants Even a Black Thumb Couldn’t Kill

If you’re like me, you love how amazing plants look, especially when they’re in full bloom. They do wonders to improve your mood and make any space look beautiful. The downside of plants, however, is the amount of maintenance to keep them looking lovely and lush. For those of us who love plants but have been cursed with a black thumb, these low-maintenance plants are sure to please!

When I think of cacti, I imagine a desert filled with prickly, dangerous, self-sufficient plants. The Hirts Salmon Christmas Cactus Plant ($9.99 on trashes those theories easily. It usually blossoms around November so you can spend your holidays enjoying the beautiful blooms. This pretty plant doesn’t need as much sunlight or a well-heated environment like its prickly counterparts.

An amazing thing about flowers is that they are just as unique and beautiful as people! Why not introduce a pop of color to your home’s special space? The Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses King David African Violet ($15) is gorgeous and hardy. The plant prefers coolers temps and doesn’t need direct sunlight. Plus, it isn’t very thirsty and can be watered from above or below. How’s that for low-may?

Taking care of plants can be fun but worrying about catering to different climate conditions can be a little frustrating. The Hirts Silver Queen Chinese Evergreen Plant($7.99 on doesn’t necessitate a lot of watering and can handle cooler temps pretty well. The plant grows fairly slow, so you have about a year before it has to be repotted.

All living things, both human and herbaceous alike, love the sun. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with sunny spaces to luxuriate in. The Hirts Jade Plant ($4.99 on can thrive in a low-lit area, so even if you live on the dark side of the moon, this beauty is guaranteed to grow!

We all have the best of intentions when it comes to caring for plants, but sometimes watering them can completely slip your mind. If you’re in need of a reminder every now and then, the GivingPlants Potted Peacy Lily ($39.99 on will begin drooping when it feels dehydrated. Talk about effective communication!

GIRL TALK TIME: Will you give any of these a try? Are you able to maintain greenery in your home? What’s your favorite plant?

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