Kick Your Super Bowl Party Off Right

Reeeeematch! The New York Giants are set to meet the Pats at the Super Bowl for the second time in less than five years, and the action between these Northeast teams is sure to be exciting! Even if you can’t tell the difference between a tight end and a safety, you can still make your Super Bowl bash a win with these tips.


Sure, the Super Bowl is all about the game, but you should still make your space look sporty. Just think, if your spot is festive enough before kick off, once the winning team emerges, celebrating will be super easy!

FOOTBALL FIELD TABLECLOTH OR WELCOME MAT: A quick, inexpensive way to add some flair to Super Bowl festivities is by making your own football field-inspired tablecloth or welcome mat! All you’ll need is green felt for the base and white paint to mark the field lines. For added fun, personalize the end zones with Patriots and Giants logos! Heck, even cut out images or make mini figurines for each team’s top players.

TIN FOR BEER: Beer and wine coolers are obvious, but are you willing to sacrifice precious fridge or floor space for the cartons? No need! Use a galvanized tin filled with ice to keep the drinks within arm’s reach.

BALLON BOARD: When the party gets in full swing, emotions will likely be running pretty high. Why not give your guests some help focusing their frustrations elsewhere? This tutorial on making a Huge Balloon Football for guests to pop on Yahoo is a great way to wow your crowd!

DIVIDE THE PARTY-GOERS: Split the room down the middle with one side decorated for the Patriots and the other for the Giants. Have guests sit on the side they’re cheering for, or draw straws if there are a few undecideds.

OTHER EASY IDEAS: Since the colors of the Pats and Giants are pretty much the same, stock up on all the blue, red and white stuff you can find. Place blue, red or white flowers or other accoutrements in empty beer bottles or cans for some femme-meets-football decoration.


What would a Super Bowl celebration be without copious amounts of alcohol? Not everyone is going to follow the game that closely (especially those who only watch it for the commercials and halftime entertainment), but incorporate a drinking game or two and you’ll have everyone’s undivided attention. Nothing like a nice buzz to bring everyone together!

ON-FIELD ACTIVITY: These rules will ensure everyone pays close attention to the action. Take a shot for any pass 30 yards or more. If someone throws an interception, take a shot. When “your” team scores a touchdown, take a nice, long sip!

OFF-FIELD ACTIVITY: Take a sip every time two guests argue over anything football-related. If someone lets a bad word slip, they’ll be taking a sip.

COMMERCIALS: With so much hype surrounding Super Bowl commercials, why not make this a condition for drinking? If someone is in stitches over a so-so ad, have a drink. If your cynical friend keeps commenting on how this year’s commercials aren’t as good as last years, they drink. Or, make it a scavenger hunt with drinks and/or shots taken every time a certain brand, product or buzzword appears. Set the rules for other occurrences as your group sees fit!

GIRL TALK TIME: What do you think of these ideas? Are you throwing a Super Bowl party? Who are you rooting for? Do you pay attention to the game or are you more into the commercials and the social aspect?

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