Crazy Celeb Shoes and Real-Life Alternatives

While our eyes may turn to the red carpet for fashion-forward footwear, some celeb styles can be a tad too daring for normal wear. Fashion is fun because it’s like being able to wear art…but too much creativity can appear chaotic. They say you don’t know a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, but with some of these styles, I don’t see how they could even walk a block! If you want to strut your stuff without spending big bucks, these styles are for you.

Jordin Sparks’ look is definitely complete, even if her heel isn’t. While these wedges aren’t the craziest I’ve seen, the $800 price tag would definitely drive you mad! The Coconuts by Matisse Women’s Lyla Espadrille (SALE: $45.47 on is sure to keep you smiling from ear to ear.

Salma Hayek is arguably one of the most lovely and talented women in Hollywood but these shoes are definitely a, er, misstep. With the contrasting materials, beadwork and animal print (???), there’s definitely a lot going on. To take advantage of a much simpler twist on her look, consider the C Label Dainty-2 ($39.99 on Theses babies keep the overall shape, but nix the mixed embellishments!

Lady Gaga was first seen rocking the heel-less look and it seems that many a starlet is following in her footsteps. Lucy Liu manages to make these T-strap sandals look like they were made for walkin’. While these are definitely show-stoppers, they certainly aren’t for everyone. For the less adventurous, the SM Women’s Wade Canvas Wedge Sandal($49.95 on is a classic espadrille that keeps the T-strap band.

Some women prefer heels to flats but even die-hard fashionistas will have to steelthemselves to rock Katy Perry’s look. The molded silver heel screams fashion but may also make your tootsies scream…. For a less painful, gravity-defying look, the Not RatedWomen’s Gaga Wedge Sandal (as low as $39.97 on is edgy but also closer to terra firma.

Khloe definitely kills it in these chainlink-esque platform oxfords, but that many chains can be daunting for mere mortals like ourselves. Embrace your inner rockstar with the Journee Collection Chain Trim High Heel Bootie ($49.99 on The round toe will make your feet look petite which is always a plus!

GIRL TALK TIME: What do you think of these celeb styles? Would you wear any of these shoes? Could you see yourself rocking the celeb shoe or the alternative?

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