Feng Shui Suggestions to Bring Peace & Prosperity

In this crazy, chaotic series of moments that we call life, couldn’t we all use a little more harmony and balance to keep things on an even keel? One of the best ways to implement a sense of calm is by practicing feng shui. While the ancient art of Chinese feng shui can seem a bit mysterious, fear not! In honor of the coming Chinese New Year on January 23 (Monday!), snap up any (or all!) of these pieces that stem from the five elements of feng shui—they’ll allow your home to look fabulous and your qi to flow freely!

EARTH – If you’re a feng shui first-timer, start small. Amy Hafemann Pottery’s Jade Green Ceramic Bathroom Set ($12 on Etsy.com) embraces the earth element beautifully. The imperfections in these pieces add character and remind us that although life can have its rough patches, it’s still worth celebrating!

WOOD – Since plant life is often hard to come by during the winter months, why not bring some greenery into your home, feng shui style? Bamboo shoots are not only easy to care for and maintain, they also increase health and peace. Breathe some life back into your space (especially now that the holiday decorations have come down) by introducing ProFlowers.com’s 7 Stalks of Lucky Bamboo ($29.99) as your element of wood.

WATER – Who says you need acres to enjoy the tranquility of a typical feng shui water feature? According to feng shui, water rids your home or office of negative energy and ushers in wealth and prosperity. Even if you’re low on space, this Homedics Envirascape Silver Springs Illuminated Relaxation Fountain with Natural Stone ($15.97 on Amazon.com) can afford you some H2-ahhhhh.

METAL – While it’s true that less is more, a blank wall in your home could probably stand for some decoration. A piece such as the SEI Gemstone’s Forest Wall Sculpture ($51.50 on Amazon.com) may be exactly what you’re looking for. The metal element fosters mental power, so not only will this piece light up your space, it may also light up that little thought bulb in your head with some stellar ideas!

FIRE – Fire is a symbol of energy and passion, so if you’re feeling lethargic, this element can do wonders for your energy levels. We don’t all have the luxury of a fireplace in our homes, but Bed Bath & Beyond’s Unscented Red Ball Candles (SALE: $4.49/set of 6) are fun and offer a nicely contained bit of passion. Plus, red is the traditional Chinese symbol of good fortune! Just be sure to keep these out of the bedroom if you ever want to get any sleep.

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GIRL TALK TIME: Do you already practice feng shui? Do any of these pieces fit in with your design style? What element do you utilize the most in your own home?

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