Do a Winter Workout That Whittles Your Waistline

The holidays have an interesting way of making us think we can bend the universe to our will. We begin to believe that the cookies for Santa and the slices of pie we eat will be more forgiving because of the holiday season. It must be those self-induced sugar comas.

If you find that ALL of your jeans have somehow mysteriously shrunk in the wash, it’s time to get active again. And with these fun winter workouts to do in two hours, you’ll have no excuse not to get your buns in gear!

The Northeast gets some pretty rough winters, so why not use all the snow to your advantage? My family always goes to my grandmother’s house to shovel for her. For two hours worth of this labor of love, I can burn about 680 calories. If you don’t have any property to shovel (lucky!), you can help your neighbors and possibly pick up some cash while working your waistline!

Cold weather is great for snuggling up with your sweetie, but also for exploring the great outdoors! Why not throw on your warmest coat, comfiest boots and head out with your lover for a hike? If you two have been off the exercise circuit for a while, set a pace you’re both comfortable with. For 120 minutes of quality time with your sweetie, you can burn about 740 calories. The fresh air may spark great conversation and make this something you’ll keep doing…again and again!

The malls have been crazy-busy the last few weeks, so there hasn’t been much space to take a nice, calming walk. If you arrive at the mall before the stores actually open, you can leisurely stroll while burning some calories. By your third time passing the Gap, you can figure out if you really need that second red cardi. Channel your inner mall rat for two hours and you’ll burn about 600 calories!

Being snowed in doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck inside. When you get your first real blast of winter weather, invite the fam outside and have a snowball fight! It’s a bit immature…but aren’t snow days all about having fun? If you spend two hours battling playing with your family, you’ll burn about 638 calories.

Some days, you may not feel like leaving the house, but don’t leave your workout in the cold. Invest in equipment for your home and you can break a sweat indoors! Try hand weights, jump rope or a fitness DVD. Depending on your activity of choice, you can burn between 795 and 1110 calories in 120 minutes! Not too shabby for a lazy day, huh?

GIRL TALK TIME: Have you gotten your winter workout regimen in place? What’s your favorite workout when the cold weather hits? Do you prefer working out by yourself or with a group?

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