Treat Winter Hands to a DIY Manicure

Are you finding it hard to arrange your mani sesh after splurging on the holidays? Does the cold weather have your hands looking haggard and in need of TLC? Sounds like a little pampering is in order—DIY style. Not only is doing your own manicure super relaxing, you’ll save quite a bit of money in the process. In order to help rehabilitate your skin, we’ve compiled a list of products any DIYer should have…er…on hand! Better yet? Invite buds over for a “Salon Soiree” and DIY each other’s nails.

If you think stuffing your hands in your pockets is as effective as wearing gloves, you’re likely suffering from dry digits and palms. Keep hands moisturized and soft with AveenoIntense Relief Hand Cream (now $5.59 on This non-greasy formula is dermatologist recommended and will even last through hand washing!

As the cold weather intensifies, so do our chances of getting the real game-changer: snow. Since you might be stuck in the house and in between manicure appointments, why not invest in your own tools of the trade? The Earth Therapeutics Manicure and Pedicure Deluxe Set ($17 on will help you achieve a salon-perfect mani from the comfort of your couch.

Love the polished look but hate sitting around watching the paint dry? Sally Hansen’sInsta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color ($4.95 on will cater to your impatiententhusiastic side. In a few short minutes, you can have 10 perfectly polished digits. To spice things up, why not try out one of the funkier colors like Mint Sprint? It’s like a sassy mood-booster for your hands!

For some ladies, a run-of-the-mill manicure isn’t even worth the effort (or the money), but don’t go to pieces about it. Or do! OPI’s Katy Perry Nail Lacquer in Black Shatter($8.50) will add that coveted crackle texture to ho-hum hands and makes maintenance oh-so-easy since a little chipping is perfectly acceptable.

Now that your hands are supple, smooth and ready to show off, you’ll have more than enough time to hang out! Admire those fancy fingers while you veg out with a fun rom-com.

GIRL TALK TIME: How do you battle the bitter elements to keep your hands supple and smooth? What are your fave nail polish colors this year?

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