Best Spas to Detox After Holiday Decadence

With the holidays over, you may have noticed a lingering pain from partying a little harder than usual or your skin might look not-so-hot after all those NYE toasts (eek! Is that a pimple?). Fret not! We’ve compiled a list of the best spas across the nation to help return your face, mind and body to pre-holiday brilliance, all of which are Beauty at Its Best winners!

For Boston babes seeking relaxation and skin purification all rolled into one treatment, consider étant’s Detoxifying French Green Mud Therapy. This $110 treatment will rid your skin of impurities and leave you stress-free.

If you haven’t seen your girlfriends since 2011 (gasp!), what better way to catch up with them than by visiting Charlotte’s Celestial Soul? You can regale one another with your NYE tales while being pampered with the $129 Pure Waters treatment. This sesh lasts 90 minutes, which gives you more than enough time to talk it out!

Short on time but in dire need of a quick cleansing? Chi-Town residents should head over to Urban Oasis for a 30-minute deep-tissue massage. The $65 price tag ensures that your wallet can handle this quick session, but make sure you’re tough enough. Deep tissue massages may smart for a bit before the relaxation sets in!

If you want to be pampered like a queen, head to Denver’s Spa at the Brown Palace! For $110, you can enjoy a 50-minute Colorado Detoxifying & Cellulite-Reducing Salt Glow treatment. It’s ideal for ladies trying to shed a few of those pesky holiday pounds and allows you to enter the ultimate state of relaxation while you’re at it.

Imagine mixing a delicious cocktail…but you’re the glass! That’s the premise of the African Red Tea Ritual offered at L.A’.s Ole Henriksen Spa. In addition to a scalp, foot and hand massage, this treatment boasts an organic scrub, minerals and vitamins to help flush your body of toxins. A 110-minute session will run you $225, but how can you put a price tag on tranquility?

GIRL TALK TIME: Have you visited any of these spas? Do you know of a secret spa location that you want to share? Do you prefer to spa it up solo, with your girls or with your sweetie?

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